About the Event

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a progressive innovation and process that has immediately changed the way in which projects are designed, constructed and operated. The BIM event is intended to further introduce BIM to Kuwait through three different sessions. The first session aims to define what BIM is and how it can be used in addition to the benefits of BIM to every stakeholder in the industry across the project phases The second day aims to provide a brief about the changes in firms with the presence of BIM in addition to brief about how to successfully implement BIM. The third day of the event introduces some BIM software and tools that could be used in order to achieve the maximum benefits of BIM for each stakeholder along the project life cycle

Who should Attend

All stakeholders involved in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry including but not limited to: owners, CEOs, managing directors, project managers, contractors, BIM modelers, engineers, architects, information managers and facility managers.


    Zoom Webinar

    Pitman Training Center

    Event Closed