English Foundation Bilingual School L2

Bilingual schools foundation course: Level 2

Course objective

  • In this level bilingual children (Grades 6-9) will polish their writing skill which is a big challenge during the school year.
  • They will learn basic grammar rules related to their grades( Check the table of content)
  • They will learn a lot of children vocabulary and practice speaking with the teacher.
  • The course primarily aims to
  1. Improve the children’s  writing ability (making simple, compound, and complex sentences, summarizing, paraphrasing, writing essays)
  2. Improve the children’s literacy skills (e.g. defining the main idea, making inferences)
  3.  Improve the children’s grammar skills

Course length

2 weeks (Total 10 hours) – (45- 60) minutes every day. 

Couse book:

Online worksheets / PowerPoint presentations

Online Media


Additional Services

Students will do “ A little” homework and send the answers through their parents(Whastsapp)

  • Phrases and clauses
    • Is it a phrase or a clause?
    • Identify appositives and appositive phrases
    • Identify dependent and independent clauses
    • Is the sentence simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex?
    • Combine sentences using relative clauses
  • Antonyms , synonyms , homographs, homophones…etc
    • Patients / patience
    • Rein/rain
    • Stationery / stationary
  • Tenses
    • Present tenses
    • Past tenses
    • Future tenses
  • Reported speech structures
    • The teacher said he would cancel the test.
  • Proper punctuation
    • Using the comma , and capitalization
  •  Compare and contrast  structures
  • Order of words in the sentences and figures of speech
  •  Subject-verb agreement
    • Our team is the winner.
  • Cause and effect structures

Course Enquiry