English Foundation Government School L2

Government Schools Foundation  Course: Level 2

Course objective

  1. In this level students will review basic lessons( e.g. singular and plural nous ,  present tenses, adjective and adverbs)  
  2. They will also learn basic grammar rules ( Check the table of content)
  3. They will learn to build compound and complex sentences. 
  4. They will learn a lot of children vocabulary and practice speaking with the teacher.
  5. The course primarily aims to improve the oral ability in the children. 

Course length

2 weeks (Total 10 hours) – (45- 60) minutes every day. 

Couse book

Online worksheets / PowerPoint presentations

Online Media


Additional Services

Students will do “ A little” homework and send the answers through their parents(WhastsApp)

Course content & Grammar lessons

  • Past simple tense 

e.g. Tom went to the park yesterday.

  • Past Progressive 

e.g. Tom was watching TV when his father called him for help.

  • Countable and uncountable nouns 

e.g.  water, milk, luggage , money, news,

  • Present Perfect Tense 

Tom has broken his leg. He cannot walk now. 

  • Future Tense

Tom will visit his grandma next weekend.

  • some , any 

Sally doesn’t eat any meat. She is a vegetarian. 

Huda needs some information for her project.

  • Adjectives

 Long and short Comparatives and superlatives Football is the most interesting sport.

Science is more difficult than English.

  • Conditional sentences 

e.g. If you read English every day, your English will be good.

Unless you take the medicine, you won’t get well. 

  • Much, many, a lot of 

Sally has many books. 

Tom Sally has much free time.

  • Connecting sentences 

e.g. Tom was late for school because he woke up late.

Oral skills

  1. Discussing  pictures
  2. Discussing general topics (like hygiene, sports,  food and drinks, free time activities…)
  3. Listening to audios and answering questions   

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