English Foundation Government School L1

Government and Arabic private schools foundation course: Level one

Course objective

  1. In this level children will learn English from the Alphabet (ABC) until they are able to make good simple sentences.
  2. They will work to improve their reading skills
  3. They will learn basic grammar rules ( Check the table of content)
  4. They will learn a lot of children vocabulary and practice speaking with the teacher.
  5. The course primarily aims to improve the oral ability in the children. So children will go through discussions with the teachers .   

Course len gth

2 weeks (Total 10 hours) – (45- 60) minutes every day. 

Couse bo o k:

Online worksheets / PowerPoint presentations

Online Media


Additional Services

Students will do “ A little” homework and send the answers through their parents(Whastsapp)

Course content :  Grammar Lessons

  • A , An articles ( A Cat,  A door) (An apple )
  • Subject Pronouns e.g. (I, He, She…)
  • The verb to be present I am / She is / He is/ It is/ we car / they are/ you
  • Adjectives e. g. Quiet, big, small, slow, nice,
  • Comparing adjectives e.g. ( bigger, quieter , slower, nicer)
  • Possessive adjectives e.g. (My, His, her…)
  • This , that, these, those
  • Singular and plural Boy ( boys)/ book ( books)/ story( stories)
  • Talking about ability Can / can’t 
  •  Adverbs e.g.  quietly , nicely, slowly
  • Present continuous Ana is playing with her toys.
  • Present simple ( Describing routines)Ana feeds her cat every day.

Oral skills

  • Describing pictures
  • Talking Routines, and everyday situations  
  • Reading practice
  • Vocabulary games in English

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