English Foundation Bilingual School L1

Bilingual schools foundation course: Level 1

Course objective

  • In this level bilingual children (Grades 3-5) will polish their writing skill which is a big challenge during the school year.
  • They will also learn basic grammar rules related to their grades( Check the table of content)
  • They will learn a lot of children vocabulary and practice speaking with the teacher.
  • The course primarily aims to
    • Improve the children’s  writing ability (making better sentences, summarizing, paraphrasing )
    • Improve the children’s literacy skills (e.g. defining the main idea, making inferences)
    •  Improve the children’s grammar skills   

Course length

2 weeks (Total 10 hours) – (45- 60) minutes every day. 

Couse book:

Online worksheets / PowerPoint presentations

Online Media:


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Students will do “ A little” homework and send the answers through their parents(Whastsapp)

Course  content & Grammar Lessons

  • Understanding different types of subjects , different types of verbs in sentences  - types of sentences
  • Identifying objects( direct and indirect)
    • He sent me a message
    • He sent a message to me
  • Common nouns and proper nouns  
    • Europe, England, London, Mohamed, The Red Sea, January, Monday 
  • Understanding  subjects and predicates
    • The movie theatre will show  Spiderman part 4 on the weekend.
  • Proper punctuation
    • Using the comma , and capitalization
  • Prefixes and suffixes
    • (Dis__, un__, il__less, ful, ment,)
    • Careful, careless, Unkind, unhappy, disagree, disapprove
  • Understanding different kinds of adjectives and adverbs  and other parts of speech
    • Manner adverbs , frequency adverbs, time adverbs, place adverbs , one syllable adjectives, multisyllabic adjectives, comparatives , superlatives 
  • Subject and verb agreement
    • He is a good boy.
    • He was at the park last weekend.
    • He likes video games.
    • He has a beautiful pet.
  • Understanding similes and metaphors
    • Tom swims like a fish.
    • Tom is a fish. 

Literacy skills

  1. Understanding and writing the  main idea
  2. Identifying the topic sentences
  3. Making inferences

Writing skills

  1. Writing simple sentences
  2. Summarizing  and paraphrasing a text

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