Office Management Diploma

 Business Administration and Office Management Program - OM Diploma

Duration: 245 Hours

Program Objectives:

  • To enable our trainees to run offices in accordance with the international quality management standards.
  • To train them into the latest office procedures
  • To help them put the protocols and etiquettes of business administration in practice
  • To develop the skills necessary for contemporary office management which in turn boosts their performance at work.


Phase 1:

Business English – Elementary Level 

Phase 2:

Microsoft Office 

  • Windows 8
  • Microsoft Word 2013
  • Microsoft Excel 2013
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
  • Microsoft Outlook 2013

 Phase 3 A:

Soft Skills:

  • Communication Strategies
  • Building Your Self Esteem & Assertiveness Skills
  • Managing Pressure and Maintaining Balance

Phase 3 B: 

  1. Skills for the Administrative Assistant
  2. Basic Business Management
  3. Writing Reports and Proposals
  4. Getting Stuff Done
  5. Certified Executive Secretary (CES):
  • Defining and Developing the role
  • Effective Communication
  • Developing Confidence
  • Developing and improving Key Skills
  • Getting Result


  • International Examination Certificate from Missouri University.
  • Pitman diploma is accredited by the PAAET / Tatbiqi (The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training)
  • Pitman London international Certificate: issued by Pitman UK

Payment Facilities:

Diploma fees can be paid on 6 installments 

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