Basic Internet Marketing

This course is an ideal start for business owners and people new to marketing to learn the basics of Internet marketing. We’ve included information on how to market online, and even more importantly, how to determine what results you are getting. Then, you can figure out whether you are reaching your target market, where your qualified prospects are, and how they are engaged as a result of your efforts. This course includes sessions on search engine optimization, e-mail campaigns, pay per click advertising, and more.


This Course will help you teach participants how to:

  • Determine how their Internet marketing strategy fits with their overall marketing plan
  • Apply techniques to influence and engage with their target market
  • Weigh out the value of using a distribution service for e-mail marketing campaigns
  • Get started with search engine optimization
  • Use online advertising to boost their marketing results
  • Adjust their Internet marketing plan based on metrics and reporting

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

What is Internet Marketing?

Creating an Internet Marketing Plan

Extending Your Influence

E-mail Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Advertising Online

  • Course fee KD 49

Enroll until 16 Dec 2020

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