Customer Relationship Specialist CCRS

Certified Customer Relationship Specialist CCRS

Companies' e-business prospects are often derailed by poor customer support because companies don’t understand the frantic pace of Internet time. Procurement, fulfillment, and post-sale support can be severely crippled by poor communication channels. Customer Relationship explains the circular relationship between suppliers, technology, and customers, which together provide the infrastructure for customer support in an e-business environment.

Course Outline

  • Module 1 - Overview of CRM
  • Module 2 - Developing a Customer Strategy
  • Module 3 - Customer Lifecycle Management and Lifetime Value
  • Module 4 - CRM Technology
  • Module 5 - Operational CRM
  • Module 6 - Analytical CRM
  • Module 7 - Collaborative CRM
  • Module 8 - Building a Business Case for CRM
  • Course fee KD 375

Enroll until 25 Jun 2020

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