Certified Customer Relationship Manager

Certified Customer Relationship Manager CCRM

CRM is a strategic methodology that recognizes customers as the core of the business. Organizations are finding that if they enhance the customer experience, a relationship can form between the customer and the organization. Sustaining this relationship over time can lead to growing customer satisfaction and loyalty, which in turn enhances the organization's competitive position as well as increases its profitability. Through case studies, practitioner guest speaking, a project, class discussion and presentations, participants will gain a firm understanding of the key decision variables required to successfully adopt and use this methodology in B2C, B2B, and B2B2C environments.

Course Outline

  1. Customer Relationship Management Is Not an Option
  2. The Customer Service/Sales Profile
  3. Managing Your Customer Service/Sales Profile
  4. Choosing Your CRM Strategy
  5. Managing and Sharing Customer Data
  6. Tools for Capturing Customer Information
  7. Service-Level Agreements
  8. E-Commerce: Customer Relationships
  9. Managing Relationships Through Conflict
  10. Fighting Complacency: The “Seven-Year Itch
  11. Resetting Your CRM Strategy
  • Course fee KD 375

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